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Rail Dump Truck

Hydrema 912FS Rail dump truck driving on railway track

Efficient earth moving on the track

Working with construction and need to move materials both on and off railway tracks? We took the best features and performance from our 912FS compact dump truck and turned it into a rail machine, which works in category 9B (high rail) and 9C (low rail).

Hydrema 912FS Rail dump truck driving on railway track



Keep on the track

  • Joystick operation

    The two rail wheel axles are operated from the cab by means of the joystick for the gear shift/dumptruck body in the right-hand armrest. The rail wheels are operated individually in order to achieve the correct degree of unloading of the driving wheels. Installation of extra hydraulics is not necessary since the dump truck’s own hydraulic system is used.

  • Easy service access

    Opening the large bonnet gives easy access to the different service points on the motor, oil level, hydraulic system etc.
    The two front fenders have integrated storage and built-in batteries.

  • Automatic articulation lock

    For safety reasons, the 912FS Rail is as standard equipped with an automatic, hydraulic lock for the articulated steering. In this way the front and rear chassis are locked together. When the lock is active it is not possible to derail the dump truck. Engaging and disengaging the lock is carried out conveniently from the driver's seat, whereby the operator does not need to get out of the cabin to engage the lock.


Video Demo of 912FS Rail

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